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Gua Sha Rose Quartz

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Rose Quartz Gua Sha

A staple for tissue healing, the Sundry Gua Sha is made from grade A Rose Quartz and this beauty tool has the power to prevent dynamic wrinkles, enhance your natural contour, and relieve muscle tension. It’s also safe and effective for ALL skin types. 

The massage with the Gua Sha stone is very simple and only takes a few minutes: put a few drops of facial oil on your cleansed face and gently pull the stone outwards from the centre of your face.

Why It's Good For You

The massage with the Gua Sha stone

  • effectively relieves tension in your face,
  • Drains lymph fluids from the face, enhancing your natural contour

  • removes toxins,

  • increases the elasticity of your skin,
  • highlights the natural contours of your face, and
  • promotes your natural glow.

How to Use:

1.  Cleanse your face

2. Apply a facial oil, serum or our Anti-Cacti Butter moisturiser.

3. Use your Gua Sha tool keep it flat

4. Stroke upwards using light to medium pressure, depending on the part of your face you're applying it.

5. For under eye area, apply very light and more pressure for e.g. your jaw line.

6. Clean your facial tool after use and store in your branded Sundry pouch.

7. For best results give yourself a gua sha facial atleast 3 x a week for minimum 10 minutes.


What Makes It Special?

The Sundry Gua Sha stone is made of natural, grade A heavy Rose Quartz. Due to its special shape, it perfectly reaches the contours and pressure points of your face. Each Gua Sha stone is made by hand and is therefore slightly unique. Shape and colour may differ slightly from the picture shown here. The stone is delivered in a premium Sundry Skincare brand orange canvas bag made of 100% cotton - great for gifting!

The Power of Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is considered the stone of love and harmony. Rose quartz also has a particularly smooth surface and is therefore ideal for sensitive skin. With its naturally cooling abilities, it gives tired skin an gives your skin an extra-intensive kick of freshness. In naturopathy, rose quartz is known as a natural remedy for headaches and blemished skin.

Gua Sha Rose Quartz


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